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Unfortunately, you never know when a dental emergency may happen.  We try to alleviate any stress a dental emergency may cause you. If you knocked out a tooth, chipped one when you bit into something hard, or broke a tooth, call us right away and we will make sure you are taken care of.  Emergency dentistry is provided to our patients at any hour of the day.

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Facing a dental crisis can be extremely distressing and often strikes at the least opportune moments, forcing an unexpected visit to the dental office. During these chaotic times, you might find yourself battling intense pain and dealing with significant disruption to your daily life. The critical first step during a dental emergency is to quickly seek the assistance of an emergency dental care provider.

At Ararat Dental, we are always on standby to offer emergency dental care for both our existing and prospective patients.

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What constitutes a dental emergency, you might wonder? It’s imperative to contact your dental care provider immediately if you’re experiencing a dental emergency to evaluate how urgent your condition is.

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What are the emergency conditions for dentistry?

Pain is a warning signal from your body that something is wrong, possibly indicating tooth decay or another serious condition. While minor pain might be manageable, severe pain needs urgent care. Avoid using painkillers as they could negatively impact your gums. Instead, use a cold pack on the cheek near the affected area and reach out to us right away through our contact options.

A broken or cracked tooth can compromise your appearance and lead to discomfort. If you find yourself with a damaged tooth, it’s crucial to see a dentist immediately. To ease the pain temporarily, you can apply a cold pack to the face in the affected area. The quicker you get dental care, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Crowns and fillings are essential for repairing damaged teeth, helping you restore your smile and proper chewing function. If you lose a crown or filling, it’s important to see a dentist without delay to avoid additional damage or infection. Should you find the dislodged piece, keep it safe in a zip-top bag and bring it with you to our clinic.

Dental infections are serious emergencies that can cause severe pain and are often the result of ignoring early signs of dental issues. To spot an infection, look for a swollen, pimple-like spot on your gums that’s painful to touch. If you suspect an infection, don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately at Ararat Dental so we can address your dental health needs promptly.

Understanding Dental Urgencies

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How do you treat a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies encompass any problems with your teeth or their support structures that demand immediate care.
They are characterized by dental issues that necessitate quick action to halt bleeding, relieve discomfort, or avert the loss of a tooth.
In contrast to routine examinations or pre-arranged treatments, dental urgencies arise without warning and are not scheduled.
Immediate measures are essential to manage and stabilize these urgent situations.
Unanticipated visits to dental clinics are common, prompting us to provide emergency dental care, ensuring access to experienced dental professionals exactly when needed.
Ararat Dental is ready to assist during such dental crises; we encourage you to reach out to us promptly.
Our clinic is prepared to offer emergency walk-ins, as well as same-day or next-day appointments, depending on your convenience.

What can you do for unbearable tooth pain?

Managing Discomfort Ahead of Your Visit to Ararat Dental

  • Rinse your mouth using warm, salted water to soothe discomfort.
  • Place a cold pack (ensure it’s wrapped in a soft cloth) on the affected area for pain relief.
  • Maintain an elevated position for your head to reduce swelling.
  • While these tips can provide temporary relief, it’s crucial to consult with Ararat Dental for a thorough evaluation and treatment.
  • Don’t let dental pain linger.
  • Contact Ararat Dental today to schedule your appointment and let our skilled team help you return to comfort and health.
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John Tayag Kosky
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Dr Anahid is awesome. My family & I have been coming here forever. She really cares for her patients & it shows in her quality of work. If you’re looking for a great reliable dentist with years of knowledge & experience, look no further. She’s simply the best! See for yourself.
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My family and I have been going to Arat Dental for over 7 years now, and there’s a reason why we still go! - the dentist is the best! She’s detailed, gentle and explains every step of the process while she’s performing a cleaning or procedure.
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Ararat Dental has been our family dentist for over 10 years at both of the jersey City and North Bergen locations. Dr. Youssoufian has a wonder sweet and caring demeanor. The staff is always very nice and courteous and they are always able to accommodate you for any emergency visits you might have. She’s also very thorough and considerate. She’s isn’t the type of Dr. to preform any major, or risky procedures, unless absolutely necessary. This has saved me more than one tooth and a lot of money, where another Dr. might be eager to perform a root canal or oral surgery, etc. She and her staff are wonderful and I can’t recommend them enough.